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Daniel Louw, Takaaki David Ito, Ulrike Elsdörfer (Eds.)
Encounter in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Healing
Towards an integrative and intercultural approach
Reihe: Pastoral Care and Spiritual Healing - Spiritualität interkulturell
Bd. 1, 2012, 264 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90166-8

The International Council on Pastoral Care and Counselling (ICPCC) met in August 2011 in Rotorua / New Zealand for its 9th International Congress.

Various approaches to the field arose from actual challenges as the earthquake in Japan or social changes and mainly deprivations all over the world. Spiritual Care and Counselling gives guidelines to cope with the situations.

Regarding indigenous traditions from Maori culture or projects on interreligious encounter: both provoke a rethinking of traditional spirituality. The proceedings present the state of discussion within this globalized network.

Daniel Louw, Professor of Pastoral Theology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa,

President of the International Council on Pastoral Care and Counselling - ICPCC

Takaaki David Ito, Professor of Spiritual Care, St. Andrews Momoyama Gakuin University, Japan,

Vice-President ICPCC

Ulrike Elsdörfer, Dr. phil., Lecturer Universities Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg, Germany, Protestant Pastor, Supervisor

Secretary of ICPCC

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