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Rufus Okikiolaolu Olubiyi Ositelu
African Instituted Churches
Diversities, Growth, Gifts, Spirituality and Ecumenical Understanding of African Initiated Churches
Reihe: Beiträge zur Missionswissenschaft / Interkulturellen Theologie
Bd. 18, 2002, 232 S., 25.90 EUR, 25.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-6087-6

One of the striking features of the changed demography of world Christianity has been the emergence and growth of the African Instituted Churches (AICs).

This book is therefore provided for those who desire to study the African initiatives in Christianity. The book is intended to serve as a valuable material to teachers and students of African Instituted Churches.

The customs, culture and traditions of the African or any other peoples of the world are to serve as beautiful compliments to the Christian faith and belief, and not diametrically opposed to it.

His Eminence, Most Reverend Dr. Rufus Okikiolaolu Olubiyi OSITELU is the incumbent Primate of the Church of the Lord (Aladura) Worldwide and a PhD holder in both Computer Science and Theology. He has written several books and has presented several papers at higher institutions, conferences and academic journals.

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