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Ina-Maria Greverus , Regina Römhild (editors) Gisela Welz (co-editor)
The Mediterraneans
Reworking the Past, Shaping the Present, Considering the Future
Reihe: Anthropological Journal on European Cultures
Bd. 10, 2002, 172 S., 20.90 EUR, 20.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-6114-7, ISSN 0960-0604

This collection of articles supplements the previous issue on "The Mediterraneans. Transborder Movements and Diasporas" (vol. 9 (2000) no. 2). Both publications resonate with a shift in how Mediterranean cultures and societies are constructed in anthropological research and discourse today. Anthropology finds itself challenged by forms of social life and experience that are neither wholly traditional nor unambiguously modern, by social actors who in their own practices and attitudes are breaking down the divide between tradition and modernity. We are studying cultures that we can no longer mistake for those traditional communities whose invention anthropology was complicit with. In dealing with this challenge, a potentially transnational dialogue between anthropologists of various backgrounds has emerged - a dialogue that we especially hope to foster and support with this edition of AJEC.

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