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Otto Quiring
Between Interventionism and National Sovereignty
Case Study: Democratic Republic of Congo
Reihe: Politikwissenschaft
Bd. 99, 2003, 264 S., 20.90 EUR, 20.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-7088-X

Tribal clashes, dictators, famines, civil wars, overpopulation and outmost poverty, form a dominant picture of the African continent. Causes are mostly explained by circumstances inside of Africa. The author argues, that many developments in Africa are intricately linked to powerful international interests, much more difficult to discover but profoundly manipulating political, social and economic processes within African states.

Born in 1971 in Estonia, Otto Quiring has lived and worked in several African and Latin American countries. Trained as a sociologist, his main interest is the deconstruction of international North-South relations.

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