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Maria I. Diedrich, Theron D. Cook, Flip Lindo (Eds.)
Crossing Boundaries
African American Inner City and European Migrant Youth
Bd. 14, 2003, 200 S., 24.90 EUR, 24.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-7231-9

Upon walking U.S. inner-city streets you sooner or later come upon groups of black kids wearing prison-style outfits; there is a boom box, and rap music. And inevitably you will hear the N-word. Upon entering a district housing migrants in any European city you will encounter almost identical scenes - youngsters dressed in prison style, the boom box, rap. Only most of the kids are of a "white" or olive complexion. They call themselves "Wiggers", "white Niggers" or "Black albinos."

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