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Chris Hann, Mihály Sárkány, Peter Skalník (eds.)
Studying Peoples in the People's Democracies
Socialist Era Anthropology in East-Central Europe
Reihe: Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia
Bd. 8, 2005, 392 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-8048-6

Under socialism the anthropological sciences developed under conflicting pressures: on the one hand Soviet influences, Marxist ideology and institutional changes, on the other the continued influence of national traditions and of the distinction between Volkskunde and Völkerkunde. The chapters bring out striking differences between the countries considered: the German Democratic Republic, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary; they also draw attention to variation within countries, and between sub-branches of the discipline. Coverage extends from the Stalinist years to the end of the socialist era, and the topics range from folklore studies at home to fieldwork expeditions abroad. Contributors: Chris Hann, Tamás Hofer, Wolfgang Jacobeit, Zbigniew Jasiewicz, Josef Kandert, Gabriela Kiliánová, Martina Krause, Klára Kuti, Petr Lozoviuk, Ute Mohrmann, Dagmar Neuland- Kitzerow, Karoline Noack, Juraj Podoba, Aleksander Posern-Zielinski, Mihály Sárkány, Peter Skalník, Olga Skalníková, Zofia Sokolewicz, Dietrich Treide, Ulrich van der Heyden, Bea Vidacs

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