From Black to Schwarz

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Maria I. Diedrich, Jürgen Heinrichs (Eds.)

Cultural Crossovers between African America and Germany

ISBN 978-3-643-10109-9
Band-Nr. 18
Jahr 2010
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From Black to Schwarz explores the long and varied history of the
exchanges between
African America and Germany with a particular focus on cultural interplay.
Covering a wide range of media of expression – music, performance, film,
scholarship, literature, visual arts, reviews – the essays collected in
this volume trace and analyze a cultural interaction, collaboration and
mutual transformation that began in the eighteenth century, literally
boomed during the Harlem Renaissance/Weimar Republic, could not even be
liquidated by the Third Reich’s `Degenerate Art‘ campaigns, and, with new
media available to further exchanges, is still increasingly empowering and
inspiring participants on both sides of the Atlantic.

Prof. Dr. Maria Diedrich holds a Chair in American Studies at the WWUM.
Her research focuses on African American literature and culture in a
transatlantic context.

Dr. Jürgen Heinrichs teaches art history at Seton Hall University in New
Jersey, USA. His research explores the interrelationships between African
American and European art and visual culture.