Photos as Historical Witnesses

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Wolbert G.C. Smidt

The First Ethiopians in Germany and the First Germans in Ethiopia, the History of a Complex Relationship. With an Introduction by Richard Pankhurst

ISBN 978-3-643-10195-2
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Jahr 2015
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This volume presents historical images and texts documenting
the history of German-Ethiopian relations, as a result of
many years of research. Some of the material was unknown to
historians so far and captures crucial historical moments.
Ethiopians travelled to Germany at a surprisingly early
time, such as Abba Gorgoryos, the co-founder of Ethiopian
Studies in Germany, residing in Gotha in 1652, or former
Oromo slaves in the early 19th century. Germans also
migrated to Ethiopia, whose Ethiopian-German descendents
played sometimes an important role in cultural exchange,
politics and diplomacy over generations.