Comparative and Intercultural Philosophy

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Hans Lenk (Ed.)

Proceedings of the IIP Conference Seoul 2008

ISBN 978-3-643-10202-7
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2009
Seiten 224
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Reihe Philosophy in International Context/Philosophie im internationalen Kontext


The volume documents the results of the Annual Meeting of the
International Institute of Philosophy at the occasion of the World
Congress of Philosophy 2008 in Seoul. Logically, systematic and
methodological differences and comparisons between cultural traditions are
analyzed from a multicultural perspective. General challenges of
multiculturalism for „world philosophy“ are analyzed from ethical and
ontological approaches, e.g. of ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy.
Historical studies regarding influences and „migrations“ of philosophical
texts across different cultures as well as religious and human rights
debates about tolerance are topical themes. In addition, the question is
raised whether logical principles are cross-culturally valid.