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Elaine Miller Bond

Affirmations + Animals

ISBN 978-3-643-10212-6
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2009
Seiten 64
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Animal Ethics. Stories and Pictures

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Wild things share their secrets for living in wild places. And together,
their inspiration may help guide us through a day, a project, a lifetime!
Come celebrate the joy that connects us all.

„Animals can teach us so much, whether they are caring for their young,
exhibiting altruism, communicating with each other, or just surviving.
Elaine Miller Bond’s Affimals is an inspiration and a lesson – from all
creatures great and small to all readers young and old.“

– Michael Markarian, exec. vice president The Humane Society of the United

„A delightful book! With vivid descriptions, whimsical tales, and stunning
artwork, Elaine Miller Bond has created a wondrous and inspiring book for
children of every age. Let all, like her bluebird, „rise up
– T.A. Barron, author, The Great Tree of Avalon, Merlin, Merlin’s Dragon

Elaine Miller Bond took her graduate degree from Cambridge University,
England and began her career as a science writer with the University of
California Natural Reserve System. Her writing and photography have
appeared on the Discovery Channel and in The American Naturalist, The
Washington Post, and other popular and scientific media. Her photographs
of rare Utah prairie dogs and their behaviors will be featured in the
upcoming book, Prairie Dogs with White Tails, by Dr. John L. Hoogland. She
currently makes her home in California’s San Francisco Bay Area.