Leadership and the Emirati Woman

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Kristin Augsburg, Isabell A. Claus, Kasim Randeree

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Arabian Gulf

ISBN 978-3-643-10251-5
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2009
Seiten 88
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Reihe International Economics

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The role of Arab women is often perceived one-sided in Western countries.
In fact
this perception must be revised when looking at the achievements of women
in the United
Arab Emirates (UAE). The booming economy – one of the fastest growing
economies in the world –
demands for a well educated society. A 2005 Forbes list of „Women to Watch
in the Middle East“ included two Emirati women. Telling the success
stories of Emirati women in leadership positions will give exposure to the
West and serve to counterpoint existing prejudices about the opportunities
for women in the UAE.

Kristin Augsburg: Spent five years in the UAE; four of which working with
the German Industry and Commerce Office in Dubai. Editor of the
„Geschäftshandbuch VAE“ (‚Business Guide UAE‘).

Isabell Claus: Former Assistant to the CEO & President of DaimlerChrysler
Middle East FZE in Dubai and educated in International Business, Business
and Law as well as Arabic Studies at Vienna University of Economics and
Business, Vienna University, Harvard University, London School of
Economics and Dubai University College.

Kasim Randeree: Academic background includes Research Fellow at the
University of Oxford; Visiting Lecturer at The University of Manchester;
Lecturer at The British University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
University and University of Lincoln; Adjunct Professor at the American
University in Dubai and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Hull.