Empires and Peninsulas

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Plamen Mitev, Ivan Parvev, Maria Baramova, Vania Racheva (Eds.)

Southeastern Europe between Karlowitz and the Peace of Adrianople, 1699-1829

ISBN 978-3-643-10611-7
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Jahr 2010
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Three powerful empires – the Habsburg, the Ottoman and the Russian –
spent the 18 th and the first third of the
19 th centuries fighting each
other for power and influence in the Balkans. This is not, however, the
only significant aspect of the complicated history of the European
Southeast. The intellectual and economic currents that turned the
18 th
century into a key event in human civilisation were refracted through the
prism of Balkan regionalism. The 130 years between Karlowitz and
Adrianople were able to steer the Southeast back onto the rails of a
„Common European History“. The volume contains the proceedings of an
international conference hosted by the Sofia University Faculty of History
in October 2009.