Anatomy of the Niger Delta Crisis

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Victor Ojakorotu (Ed.)

Causes, Consequences and Opportunities for Peace

ISBN 978-3-643-10639-1
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2010
Seiten 168
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Reihe African Politics/Politiques Africaines/Afrikanische Politik


Anatomy of the Niger Delta crisis: causes, consequences and opportunities
for peace is a firm key work providing deep insights into the complex and
varied interests that are at play in the Niger Delta of Africa’s most
populous nation, Nigeria.

The nine treatises in this book, unequivocally, identify the primary
motivations and major players in the imbroglio that is responsible for the
quagmire which the international oil market is faced with today. The bold
academic discourses, to a large extent, blame British imperialism, global
capitalism and Nigeria’s political elites for the situation in the Niger
Delta, which has a far reaching global effect.

Each of the essays, nonetheless, paints a picture of hope for the
distraught communities in the Niger Delta in spite of the dark themes that
are the preoccupations of the scholars. That is, if the Nigerian
government would approach the Niger Delta crisis with the absolute
sincerity that it deserves.