When Policy Meets Reality

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Peter P. Mollinga, Anjali Bhat, Saravanan V.S. (Eds.)

Political Dynamics and the Practice of Integration in Water Resources Management Reform

ISBN 978-3-643-10672-8
Band-Nr. 13
Jahr 2010
Seiten 216
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Reihe ZEF Development Studies

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Water policy initiatives often run into difficulties when they encounter
the realities of really existing societies. Policies may not get
implemented as planned, and may not achieve their stated objectives. Many
things happen when policy initiatives travel from formulation to
implementation. The papers in this volume examine the travel and
appropriation of water policy by looking at the contestation and the
embeddedness of water policy. Organised in the sequence everyday politics
of water, politics of water policy, hydropolitics, global water politics,
the papers constitute a call for a policy approach that replaces a social
engineering with a strategic action perspective.

The book editors

Peter P. Mollinga and Saravanan V.S. are Senior
Researchers and Anjali Bhat is Junior Researcher at ZEF, Bonn, Germany.
They work on different aspects of water politics and water resources

The series editors

Solvay Gerke is Professor of Development
Research and Director, ZEF. Hans-Dieter Evers is Professor emeritus of
Development Planning and Development Policy and Senior Fellow, ZEF.