Franciscan Organisation in the Mendicant Context

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Michael Robson, Jens Röhrkasten (Eds.)

Formal and informal structures of the friars‘ lives and ministry in the Middle Ages

ISBN 978-3-643-10820-3
Band-Nr. 44
Jahr 2010
Seiten 440
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Reihe Vita regularis – Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen


Emanating from the tradition of the Italian hermit communities the Franciscans developed organisational structures already early in their history, allowing them to offer pastoral care on a wide scale. This process of transition led firstly to constitutional structures as defined in the order’s early legislation but it also occurred within relationship networks at different levels, in the context of Church and papacy, within the different European regions and before the background of the emerging Canon Law. The term „organisation“ has been given a wide definition in the articles published in this volume. They offer a survey of general issues related to the structuring and running of religious orders as well as a number of case studies. Comparisons with other mendicant orders offer an analysis of the issues in a wider context