Diasporic Representations

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Pin-chia Feng

Reading Chinese American Women’s Fiction

ISBN 978-3-643-10831-9
Band-Nr. 6
Jahr 2010
Seiten 200
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Reihe Contributions to Asian American Literary Studies

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In Diasporic Representations, Feng examines the stratification of various
diasporic subjectivities through close reading fiction by Chinese American
women writers of different social and class backgrounds. Deploying a
strategy of „attentive reading“, Feng engages the intersecting issues of
historicity, spatiality, and bodily imagination from diasporic and
feminist perspectives to illuminate the dynamics of deterritorialization
and reterritorialization in Chinese American novels in this transnational
age. The authors studied include Diana Chang, Edith Eaton, Yan Geling,
Nieh Hualing, Gish Jen, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Aimee Liu, Fae Myenne Ng,
Sigrid Nunez, Han Suyin, and Amy Tan.

Pin-chia Feng is Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and
Literatures at National Chiao Tung University and President of the
Association of English and American Literature of Taiwan, ROC.