Migrants and Health in Urban China

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Bettina Gransow, Zhou Daming (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-643-10912-5
Band-Nr. 38
Jahr 2010
Seiten 192
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Reihe Berliner China-Hefte – Chinese History and Society


The double-edged policy pursued by the Chinese government of allowing
rural-to-urban migrants to contribute economically to China’s growth
while, at the same time, placing restrictions on the migrants‘ urban
residence permits and their access to urban facilities has created serious
challenges for public health strategies implemented at national and local
levels. This has led to the opening up of a new research field for Chinese
and Western scholars in social science, urban anthropology, political
science and public health and thus, indirectly, to the compilation of
papers presented in this volume. The majority of the papers are organized
within the three main topic areas of health risks, health services and
health insurance for rural migrants in Chinese cities and have a focus on
the Pearl River Delta and Guangzhou city; the volume also includes two
documentary contributions on migration regulations and civil society
services for migrants suffering from occupational diseases and
work-related injuries.