Emerging Peoples

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Guilherme Werlang da Fonseca Costa do Couto

Amazon Music, Marubo Myths

ISBN 978-3-643-10989-7
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2012
Seiten 528
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Reihe Estudos Brasileiros – Brazilian Studies

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This is a mythical-musical exploration of the Marubo, one of the several
native peoples on the adventitious border between Brazil and Peru,
southwestern Amazonia. Over ten years of fieldwork give rise to a portrait
of these peoples as they express themselves in, and are themselves the
expression of their saiti festivals and myth-chants. In their native
language, saiti designates a generic festival where myths occur in a
specific musical and choreographic form – the form that establishes the
origins of these peoples, those of their world and of all things therein.