Discourse and Interaction in the Upper Amazon

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Anja Zibell

Supplemented by Research Interviews in Spanish

ISBN 978-3-643-11006-0
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Jahr 2010
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The book focuses on and tracks the relationship and the quality of
discourse that evolve between interviewer and interviewee within a series
of interview situations. It presents theoretical arguments and empirical
findings based on twenty-five face-to-face conversations with a freshwater
fish wholesaler in the northeastern Peruvian rainforest town of Iquitos.
Supplemented by the interview transcripts in Spanish, it is a valuable
methodological source for sociologists, anthropologists, linguists,
economists and historians who are interested in interdisciplinary
qualitative research.

Anja Zibell is a Sociology Researcher. She completed her M.A. in
Anthropology and her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Hamburg, and
conducted research in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.