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American Pornographies: Visual Culture, Literature, History. Edited by Barbara Helena Adams, Tanja Beljanski, Claudia Deckers, Malte Fabert, Elise Kammerer, Timo Köster, Moritz Kramer, Mascha Rabea Schlomm, Lilifar Tahmasebi, Corinna Triller

ISBN 978-3-643-12859-1
Band-Nr. 6
Jahr 2016
Seiten 366
Bindung broschiert
Reihe n-1 | work – science – medium


When the editors of Pornorama asked Larry Flynt for his
definition of pornography, he replied that „pornography is
the purest form of art.“ At a time when pornography is
ubiquitous in American culture, Flynt’s definition should be
read as analytic rather than provocative. Like this
collection, which provides a critical panorama of American
pornographies, it asks about the status and function of
pornography in American culture. What does Flynt mean? Is
pornography the ars amandi of the 21st century? Is
pornography art after the death of sublimation? What about
ruin-porn, food-porn, war-porn, and, last but not least,
what about the agendas of porn studies?

Hanjo Berressem teaches American literature
and culture at the University of Cologne.