DOCS – Demand-Oriented, Culture-Sensitive Housing in Oman

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Gustavo Linhares de Siqueira, Amal Al Balushi, Aya Al Mohammed, Iman Al Ofi, Kai Michael Giesler, Sadmira Malaj

ISBN 978-3-643-15262-6
Band-Nr. 23
Jahr 2022
Seiten 172
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Reihe Stadt- und Raumplanung/Urban and Spatial Planning

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After five decades of rampant growth, Oman is challenged to
rethink its urbanization patterns. The continuous expansion
of the footprint in major cities as the method the response
to the increasing housing demands has reached its limits.
The attempts to revert the current scenario by introducing
more efficient housing typologies in terms of land use are
not attractive for the locals who are still attached to the
dream of owning a single-family villa. DOCS explores a set
of methods to generate alternative typologies that lead to
more compact growth while addressing cultural issues.

Dr -Ing. Gustavo de Siqueira is Associate
Professor of the Urban Planning and Architectural Design of
the German University of Technology in Oman. He is the
project leader of the Where Oman Walks initiative AKA the
WOW project. WOW aims to create more active built
environments in the residential neighborhoods in Oman
employing a collaborative design approach.

Iman Al Ofi is a Research and Teaching Assistant at UPAD
department of the German University of Technology in Oman
and a WOW team member.

Sadmira Malaj holds a master’s degree in urban planning. She
is currently working as Assistant Lecturer and Researcher at
Polis University in the areas of Transportation
infrastructure and its Impact on the built environment.

Aya Al Mohammed is an Urban Planner, Architectural Designer,
and researcher. She is currently working at Target Oilfield
Services as an Urban Development Engineer and is a former
member of the WOW project.

Kai Giesler holds a master’s degree in Architecture of the
RWTH Aachen and is a former member of the WOW project.

Amal Al Balushi holds a master’s degree of the Transforming
cities and regions program of the RWTH Aachen and is a
former member of the WOW project.