Controversy and Challenge

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Herman Westerink

The Reception of Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis in German and Dutch-speaking Theology and Religious Studies

ISBN 978-3-643-50029-8
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Jahr 2009
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Reihe Freud und seine Rezeption

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In this study the engagement of scholars in theology and religious studies
with Freudian psychoanalysis is examined. The book focuses on the explicit
or implicit theological ideas and aims that have determined its reception.
The analysis includes a review of Freud’s theories as suggestions for
reconfigurations of psychoanalysis are made in order to further theorize
on concepts or fields of attention that are important in theology and
religious studies. The aim of this double critical review is to establish
what the theoretical potential of Freud’s psychoanalysis might be.

Herman Westerink (1968) studied theology at the University of Groningen
(The Netherlands) and is currently working as university assistant at the
Department of Practical Theology and Psychology of Religion, Protestant
Theological Faculty, Vienna. He published several books and articles in
the field of psychology of religion and psychoanalysis, most importantly
Met het oog van de ziel (2002), Het schuldgevoel bij Freud (2005) and
Godsdienstpsychologie in cultuurhistorisch perspectief (2007).