Retelling the Nicaraguan Revolution as a Dionysian Ritual

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Martina Handler

About the Rise and Fall of a Partnership Society

ISBN 978-3-643-50097-7
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2009
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Reihe Die kommende Demokratie

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Uncountable books have been written on the Nicaraguan revolution in 1979,
due to the fascination connected with the idea of revolution in general
and with its realization in Nicaragua in particular. This book retells the
story of the Nicaraguan revolution with the words of women, aiming to show
how a high level of transformative energy was accumulated in the
Nicaraguan society over time, based on a common utopian vision of a better
future for all. The energetic upheaval can be analyzed as a Dionysian
ritual. However, the book also follows up on the Apollonian aftermath of
the revolution.

Martina Handler is a social scientist and
a graduate of the Master Program in Peace, Development, Security and
International Conflict Transformation in Innsbruck, Austria.