Landscapes of Postmodernity

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Petra Eckhard, Michael Fuchs, Walter W. Hölbling (Eds.)

Concepts and Paradigms of Critical Theory

ISBN 978-3-643-50201-8
Band-Nr. 10
Jahr 2010
Seiten 288
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Reihe American Studies in Austria

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In Landscapes of Postmodernity, a group of young scholars link key
concepts of postmodern thought to our present everyday experience in which
we change our identities on a regular basis. While many of the essays look
at less conventional modes of aesthetic representation – computer games,
graphic novels, telenovelas, queer and animated films – others analyze
more canonical works following less conventional approaches. Either way,
the cultural and literary cartographies presented in this book allow
America to be conceived as polymorphous or transnational, celebrating a
new American self that is aware and proud of its non-Anglo-Saxon origins.