Senses and the City

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Madalina Diaconu, Eva Heuberger, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Lukas Marcel Vosicky (Eds.)

An interdisciplinary approach to urban sensescapes

ISBN 978-3-643-50248-3
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2011
Seiten 288
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Reihe Austria: Forschung und Wissenschaft – Interdisziplinär

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The papers collected in the present volume discuss the sensory dimension of cityscapes, with focus on touch and smell. Both have been traditionally considered „lower senses“ and thus unworthy of being cultivated, object of social prohibitions and target of suppressing strategies in modern architecture and city planning. The volume brings together approaches coming from anthropology, aesthetics, theory of architecture, art and design research, psychophysiology, ethology, analytic chemistry, etc.