Borderlands Orientalism or How the Savage Lost his Nobility

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Dominik Gutmeyr

The Russian Perception of the Caucasus between 1817 and 1878

ISBN 978-3-643-50788-4
Band-Nr. 19
Jahr 2017
Seiten 316
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Reihe Studies on South East Europe


In Russia’s cultural memory, the Caucasus is a potent point
of reference, to which many emotions, images, and
stereotypes are attached. The book gives a new reading of
the development of Russia’s perception of its borderlands
and presents a complex picture of the encounter between the
Russians and the indigenous population of the Caucasus. The
study outlines the history of a region standing in between
Russian reveries and Russian imperialism.

Dominik Gutmeyr is historian at the
Department for Southeast European History and Anthropology
at the University of Graz, Austria.