The Future of Europe – an Urgent Challenge to Global Philosophy

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Brigitte Buchhammer (Ed./Hg.)

Die Zukunft Europas – eine drängende Herausforderung für die globale Philosophie

ISBN 978-3-643-51034-1
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2021
Seiten 244
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Women* Philosophers at Work. A Series of SWIP Austria


This current volume of the series Women* Philosophers at Work. A Series of SWIP Austria reflects the wide spectrum of the philosophers‘ research work. 11 essays highlight the subject of the publication from different points of view.

The targets and duties of the Society for Women* in Philosophy are as follows: the Society is a non-profit organization to support women* and LGBTIQ-people working in and committed to the study of philosophy in Austria. Its purpose is to advance equal treatment and gender justice for everyone in philosophy, both students and professionals, philosophers at all levels of academia, colleagues in other institutions and also in our society as a whole.