Studying Theatre

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Andreas Kotte

Phenomena, Structures and Functions. Translation: Karina Rollins, Rachel Gimber, Susan McClements

ISBN 978-3-643-80022-0
Band-Nr. 2
Jahr 2010
Seiten 280
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Reihe Theaterwissenschaft/Theatre Studies

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This book offers a systematic introduction to the areas, methods and problems of studying theatre. It is aimed at theatre studies students and all those interested in the workings of theatre. How was, and how is, the term theatre used? Students and other readers interested in theatre should look to their own experiences as a starting point for widening their own horizons, and not to elaborate theories. This textbook for critical study is intended to accompany this process, and explains theoretical approaches using both contemporary and historical European examples.

Since 1992 Andreas Kotte is director of the Institute for Theatre Studies
(ITW) at the University of Berne and editor of the publication series
Theatrum Helveticum and Materialien des ITW Bern (21 volumes so far).