From Palermo to Penang / De Palerme à Penang

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Francois Ruegg, Andrea Boscoboinik (Eds.)

A Journey into Political Anthropology / Un itinéraire en anthropologie politique

ISBN 978-3-643-80062-6
Band-Nr. 30
Jahr 2010
Seiten 408
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Freiburger Sozialanthropologische Studien/Freiburg Studies in Social Anthropology/


The articles collected here trace the intellectual journey of Christian
Giordano, head of the Social Anthropology Institute at the University of
Fribourg, Switzerland.

The reader will be transported to places Giordano has explored, loved, or
merely visited, from Sicily to Malaysia, from Switzerland to Eastern
Europe and the Balkans. Each article illustrates a facet of his work. The
journey starts with biographical sketches and continues through different
fields of Political Anthropology (Citizenship, Multiculturalism,
Ethnicity, Rural Studies, Trust, Postcolonial Studies, Honour). It ends
with reflections on the use and abuse of Anthropology.