Inequality Beyond Globalization

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Christian Suter (Ed.)

Economic Changes, Social Transformations, and the Dynamics of Inequality

ISBN 978-3-643-80072-5
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2010
Seiten 400
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Reihe World Society Studies

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This volume debates the complex nature of the relationships between globalization, social and economic transformations and growing inequalities. Employing a global, world-historical and comparative perspective, the 16 articles brought together in this volume deal with three central questions: Firstly, the question of the spatio-temporal evolution and variations of growing inequalities, secondly, the relative importance of globalization as compared to other factors explaining growing inequalities and, thirdly, institutional variations of inequality dynamics and globalization impacts.

Christian Suter is Professor of Economic Sociology at the University of Neuchâtel and President of the World Society Foundation, domiciled at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.