From Production to Consumption

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Hana Horáková, Andrea Boscoboinik (Eds.)

Transformation of Rural Communities

ISBN 978-3-643-80124-1
Band-Nr. 35
Jahr 2012
Seiten 184
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Reihe Freiburger Sozialanthropologische Studien/Freiburg Studies in Social Anthropology/


Up to a few decades ago the anthropology of tourism was regarded as a way
to become involved in effortless researches in pleasant settings.
Moreover, tourism was portrayed as a sinister carrier of westernization,
thus as a menace to the subaltern societies that had to endure it.
Nowadays anthropological studies on tourism have established their own
legitimacy due also to the considerable socioeconomic significance of
tourism in this age of hectic global mobility. This book points up new and
important research perspectives showing the impact of tourism on the rural
world. The articles presented are a major and groundbreaking contribution
to the analysis of the new rurality in global society.

Christian Giordano, Chair of Social Anthropology, University of Fribourg