Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare

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Mirjam Körner, Lena Ansmann, Betje Schwarz, Christoph Kowalski (Eds.)

Theoretical Approaches, Methods and Empirical Results

ISBN 978-3-643-80288-0
Band-Nr. 28
Jahr 2018
Seiten 408
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Reihe Medizinsoziologie

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This volume presents scientific work in the field of
organizational behaviour in healthcare (OBHC) revolving
around structures of healthcare organizations and their
relationship to patients, employees and the overall health
system. By following a patient-centred perspective, it
contributes to raising awareness of the significance of
organizational behaviour in health research and practice and
further aims to permit the international comparison of
empirical findings. The book results from the cooperation of
German scientists in the interdisciplinary “ Network
on Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare“ (NWOB).