Christian Ethical Implications of the Presence of the Kingdom as God’s Performative Action in the Light of Speech Act Theory

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Anna Cho

ISBN 978-3-643-80291-0
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Jahr 2019
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This book presents a novel Biblical ethical hermeneutic
approach that emerges from an understanding of the presence
of the kingdom of God in the Biblical text. The approach is
predicated upon the use of speech act theory (abbreviated as
SAT) in relation to `kingdom language‘ in the Biblical text.
The approach shows how the notion of kingdom language, as
God’s divine activity, is elicited in the contemporary
Christian’s life by allowing it to operate beyond the world
of the Biblical text. In other words, this approach
establishes a Biblical-ethical hermeneutic bridge between
the text (and its context) and the context of contemporary
readers of the text. The alternative linguistic epistemology
in SAT considers the principle of the kingdom of God in the
past (locution level), the present (illocutionary level) and
the future (perlocutionary level). The dynamic equivalences
of the past, present and future of the kingdom of God based
on an SAT approach to the Biblical text can inform Christian
ethical theory and moral action in the present world. It can
also provide a new moral sensibility in relation to God’s
sovereignty and the responsibility of Christians in
contemporary society.

Dr. Anna Cho graduated Stellenbosch
University in South Africa in Systematic Theology. She is a
lecturer at Seoul Theological University in South Korea. She
studies Christian Dogmatics, Christian ethics, Linguistics
(SAT) and Biblical hermeneutics.