The Political Economy of Climate Finance in Brazil

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Ursula Flossmann-Kraus

How actors and their ideas shape institutions. The case of the Amazon Fund and the ABC Programme for Low-Carbon Agriculture

ISBN 978-3-643-80337-5
Band-Nr. 19
Jahr 2023
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Navigating institutions and donor requirements to successfully access international climate finance is challenging for many countries. Establishing national climate funds can be a way to meet these challenges, ensuring the targeted use of funds and strengthening ownership. This book examines the establishment of two national climate funds in Brazil, the Low Carbon Agriculture Programme and the Amazon Fund. Their establishment must be seen against the background of a drastic shift in Brazilian climate policy, enabled by discursive changes, during the administration of the Workers‘ Party 2003 – 2016.
Dr. Ursula Flossmann-Kraus is a climate finance specialist and has led and implemented projects and programmes for GIZ and the Commonwealth Secretariat.