Democracy and Democracy Promotion in a Fractured World

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Simon Geissbühler (Ed.)

Challenges – Resilience – Innovation

ISBN 978-3-643-80390-0
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 2023
Seiten 250
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Reihe Außenpolitik – Diplomatie – Sicherheit/International Relations – Diplomacy – Security


After the unipolar moment following 1989, the world
quickly entered an era of heightened polarisation and rapid
authoritarian resurgence. Democracy has been in retreat
globally for almost 20 years. Trust in political institutions is
eroding. Democratic principles, values and political culture
are being questioned and undermined. However, the demand
for participation, inclusive decision-making, the rule of law and
accountability remains high around the globe. Democracy
in all its varieties remains a powerful idea to unite around.

In this volume, policy-makers, experts from academia
and diplomacy as well as democracy activists share their
perspectives on some of the challenges democracies face
today. They propose innovative new lines of action and discuss
rejuvenated, impact-oriented and nuanced approaches to
democracy promotion, in a spirit of partnership and adapted
to a fractured world