The Correctores Romani

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Mary E. Sommar

Gratian’s ‚Decretum‘ and the Counter-Reformation Humanists

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Jahr 2009
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A new evaluation of the Editio Romani, the 16 th-century
edition of the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, based on manuscript
evidence of the committee’s daily activities. This edition of the church’s
law book was the work of the Correctores Romani commission, especially of
Miguel Thomás Taxaquet, and was promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII, the
former Ugo Buoncompagni, in 1582 and remained in effect until the
20 th
century. This study, the first of its kind, reveals the sophisticated
scholarly methodology used by these Catholic Humanists and the censorship
that led to the loss of some of their greatest insights.

Affiliation and research activities:

Mary E. Sommar, Ph.D. teaches European History at Millersville University
of Pennsylvania. Her research is concentrated on the history of canon law,
especially on the work of Gratian of Bologna and the Corpus Iuris