Religion, Diversity and Conflict

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Edward Foley (Ed.)

ISBN 978-3-643-90086-9
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 2011
Seiten 312
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Reihe International Practical Theology

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While religion can be a source of healing, peace and reconciliation, it
can also be at least a trigger if not an underlying cause for conflict
between peoples of varying beliefs. With that awareness, the
International Academy of Practical Theology convened its 2007 meeting
around the theme of „Religion, Diversity and Conflict.“ From the
multiple seminars, lectures and studies presented at that meeting, a
selection was chosen for this volume. Representing contributions from
four continents, and drawing upon perspectives from African Traditional
Religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity this volume offers a rich
introduction to the problems and promises of religion in dialogue with
21 st century diversity. With contributions from leading figures in the
field across a range of methods, Religion, Diversity and Conflict also
serves as a varitable primer on the field of practical theology.