Resolving the Prevailing Conflicts between Christianity and African (Igbo) Traditional Religion through Inculturation

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Edwin Anaegboka Udoye

ISBN 978-3-643-90116-3
Band-Nr. 26
Jahr 2011
Seiten 416
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Reihe Beiträge zur Missionswissenschaft / Interkulturellen Theologie – Contributions to Mission Studies / Intercultural Theology


„For not integrating initially some of the good elements in Igbo culture.
many Igbo Christians have double personality – Christian personality and
traditional personality. They are Christians on Sundays but
traditionalists on weekdays“ (pp. 210 – 211). To combat such an anomalous
situation, in imitation of Christ’s effort at completing what was lacking
in the Jewish religion, Udoye proposes radical inculturation. His book
equally contains many serious theological reflections such that it
recommends itself to both theologians and the scholars researching on the
religions of the world. Edwin Udoye has therefore made a very significant
contribution worthy of commendation to both theological and religious

Ignatius M. C. Obinwa

Associate Professor, Faculty of Theology

University of Augsburg, Germany.