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Silvia Scatena

Le origini della comunità e l’attesa del concilio

ISBN 978-3-643-90127-9
Band-Nr. 10
Jahr 2011
Seiten 144
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Reihe Christianity and History.

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An important chapter in the history of ecumenism of the last century, the
„parable“ of Taizé still lacks a rigorous historical reconstruction. Based
on a significant amount of unpublished sources, this volume offers two
initial results of a multi-year research project on the history of the
Taizé community, from its beginnings, in the years of World War II, until
the construction of the many informal networks of friendship intertwined
for more than twenty years amongst Christians divided by the Iron Curtain.
A first study focuses, in particular, on the years of training of Roger
Schutz in Lausanne, as well as the birth of a first confrérie and his
arrival in Burgundy in the summer of 1940. A second study, on the other
hand, describes in detail the dynamism of the ecumenical community in the
years marked by the announcement and in expectation of the Second Vatican Council.

Silvia Scatena teaches Contemporary History at the University of Modena
and Reggio Emilia; she also coordinates the European School for Advanced
Religious Studies of the John XXIII Foundation in Bologna and is part of
the board of directors of Concilium. She has studied, in particular, the
history of the Second Vatican Council and its reception in Latin