Unity in Diversity – Federalism as a Mechanism to Accommodate Ethnic Diversity: The Case of Ethiopia

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Christophe Van der Beken

ISBN 978-3-643-90172-9
Band-Nr. 10
Jahr 2012
Seiten 368
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Reihe Recht und Politik in Afrika.

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This book argues that the development of federalism in Ethiopia
fits in with a global trend towards increased attention to ethnic minority
rights and to federalism as a mechanism for ethnic conflict prevention and
management. The Ethiopian federation is designed as a framework within
which the Ethiopian ethnic groups can protect their rights and within
which they are stimulated to develop a cooperative relationship. To put it
differently, the constitutional objective of the federal structure is the
creation of ‚unity in diversity‘. This work aims to evaluate the capacity
of Ethiopian federalism to achieve this objective by investigating the
relevant historical, political and legal aspects.

Christophe Van der Beken (PhD Ghent University 2006) is an Associate
Professor at the Institute of Federalism and Legal Studies, Ethiopian
Civil Service University, and a voluntary post-doctoral researcher at
Ghent University Law Faculty. His research activities are focused on
comparative constitutional law and federalism with a special interest in