Towards a New Catholic Church in Advanced Modernity

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Staf Hellemans, Jozef Wissink (Eds.)

Transformations, Visions, Tensions

ISBN 978-3-643-90204-7
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2012
Seiten 280
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Reihe Tilburg Theological Studies/Tilburger Theologische Studien

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A new Catholic Church is emerging in the West, one that is very different
from the Church before 1960. The book aims to describe this new
Church-in-the-making (its new position in society, its new structuring and
workings, its new frame of mind) and to look in a prospective way at some
basic issues the Church has to deal with (how to imagine Church in
advanced modernity, how to attract youth and adults, rebuild local
communities, refashion liturgy, rethink pastoral guidance). It is the
result of an interdisciplinary endeavor by philosophers, sociologists and
theologians, working at the Faculty of Catholic Theology of Tilburg
University, the Netherlands, reinforced by two researchers from Heythrop
College, University of London.

Staf Hellemans, Professor in the Sociology of Religion, Tilburg
University. Jozef Wissink, Professor Em. in Practical Theology, Tilburg