Colonialism and Beyond

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Eva Bischoff, Elisabeth Engel (Eds.)

Race and Migration from a Postcolonial Perspective

ISBN 978-3-643-90261-0
Band-Nr. 17
Jahr 2013
Seiten 128
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Reihe Periplus Studien

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In order to study the history of colonialism and its legacy from the
perspective of the early 21st century, we have to think beyond old
spatial and disciplinary boundaries. Starting from this insight, the
essays in this volume explore the role race and migration played in the
formation of (trans)national spaces and identities. They investigate
topics such as citizenship, sovereignty, and racialized bodies as well
as transnational patterns of political activism and belonging,
migration, the biopolitics of whiteness, and the history of humanitarian
NGOs. As a result, this volume makes an important contribution to
ongoing debates about the current location of postcolonial studies.

Dr. Eva Bischoff teaches International History at the University of Trier.

Elisabeth Engel is a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of North
American Studies of the John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität