And Freedom Became a Public-Square

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Najib George Awad

Political, Sociological and Religious Overviews on the Arab Christians and the Arabic Spring

ISBN 978-3-643-90266-5
Band-Nr. 46
Jahr 2012
Seiten 280
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Reihe Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte

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This book is an attempt at introducing the readers to some of the
substantial components and pivotal ramifications of the latest
revolutions in the Arab World, known as „the Arabic Spring“. It aims at
offering a fresh, timely and intellectual reading of the promising
„Spring“ in Syria and in the rest of the „born-again“ Arab world. This
text is an interdisciplinary study in three parts. The first part is on
the uprisings in general. The second is on the Christians in the Arab
world and their view of the uprisings, with primary attention to the
case of Syria, while the third part is an invitation for developing an
Arabic contextual religious discourse out of the recent Arabic (deeply
religious) world’s context and changes. What we have here is a book to
be beneficial for both those who would like to have a general idea about
what happened, and is still happening, in the Arab world, as well as
those who would like to get some insightful and coherent understanding
of why, how and on what presumptions the Arab Christians base their
appraisal of, and stances on, the Arabic Spring.

“ … in his attempt to reflect upon the „spring of the Arabs“, Najib
Awad …. provides his readership with an interpretative clue to more
thoroughly understand this multi-faceted phenomenon. …He also explores
the future ways of a craved-for spring of theology within Arab
Christianity. All this makes the following pages worth reading!“
(Prof. Dr. Assaad E. Kattan, University of Münster)

Najib George Awad is Associate Professor of Christian Theology and
Director of the PhD Programme in Hartford Seminary, Connecticut, USA.