Redefining public space in Hanoi

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Sandra Kurfürst

Places, practices and meaning

ISBN 978-3-643-90271-9
Band-Nr. 13
Jahr 2012
Seiten 184
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Reihe Southeast Asian Modernities

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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known for its bustling street life.
Public spaces, such as streets and sidewalks, are appropriated by citizens
mostly for small-scale economic activities. Green parks are privatised in
order to cater to the growing demand for leisure space. At the same time,
official spaces like Ba Dinh Square or Ly Thai To Square are occupied by
Hanoi’s residents for sports and gatherings. The book takes a close look
at the practices and meaning of public spaces and the development of
public spheres in Hanoi.

Sandra Kurfürst acquired her PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at the
University of Passau, Germany. Her research focuses on urbanism, state
society relations and development policy in Southeast Asia.