Marginalised Music

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Lidia Guzy

Music, Religion and Politics from Western Odisha/India

ISBN 978-3-643-90272-6
Band-Nr. 8
Jahr 2013
Seiten 264
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Reihe KlangKulturStudien/SoundCultureStudies

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This volume presents the results of a pioneering anthropological
documentation of hitherto unknown traditions of sacred
music performed by marginalised musicians and priest-musicians
of the Bora Sambar region of western Odisha. The work
is based on ethnographic research in rural regions of western
Odisha conducted between the years 2002 – 2010. The study
presents the first documentation of a unique sound culture of
India, Odisha. Local music is analysed as an indigenous theory,
thus as a crucial medium of religion, culture and politics.

Lidia Guzy, born in Poland, is a social
anthropologist and scientist of religions.
Since 2002 she holds a bi-national PhD in
Social Anthropology from Freie Universität
Berlin and École des Hautes Études en
Sciences Sociales, Paris. In 2011 Lidia Guzy
finished her postdoctoral thesis („Habilitation“)
at Freie Universität Berlin with her
work „Marginalised Music – Music, Religion
and Politics in Western Orissa“. Since
end of 2011 she is Lecturer in Contemporary
South Asian Religions at Study of
Religions Department, University College
Cork (UCC), Ireland.

Surendra Kumar Sahu, musician, musical
director and local researcher, is Research
Assistant to Dr. Lidia Guzy.