Constructions of Black Panther Masculinity

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Clara Briefs

Remasculinization, Hypermasculinization and Marginalization in George Jackson’s „Soledad Brother“

ISBN 978-3-643-90274-0
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Jahr 2012
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Looking at Black Panther member George Jackson’s prison letters which were
published as Soledad Brother in 1970, this book examines the construction
of black male identities in 1960s America. Marginalized by white middle
class masculinity, Jackson considers himself disempowered and emasculated.
However, Jackson’s very own concepts of black masculinity and femininity
are determined by stereotypes taken from white culture. Although Jackson,
as a radical activist, fights against white supremacy, he orients himself
around the gender dichotomy established by the very powers he is

Clara Briefs studied English literature and American history at the
University of Cologne.