Translation and the Reconfiguration of Power Relations

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Beatrice Fischer, Matilde Nisbeth Jensen (Eds.)

Revisiting Role and Context of Translation and Interpreting

ISBN 978-3-643-90283-2
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 2012
Seiten 296
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Reihe Repräsentation – Transformation. representation – transformation.


This volume presents translation as a powerful activity by revisiting the roles of translators and interpreters and the contexts of translation and interpreting in societies affected by globalisation and migration. The articles in this volume cover topics such as the impact languages have on translation, the institutional constraints in the context of translation, and the challenges within the framework of multimodal translation. In recent years, questions of power in translation have emerged. In such a context, the contributions of this volume present new research paths that can be related to some of the most discussed issues of recent years in Translation Studies.

The contributors are 14 PhD students who investigate the power relations in the context of censorship, ideology, localisation, multimodal translation, English as a lingua franca in translation, mandatory genres and translation by non-professional subject-matter translators.