Protestant Church Polity in Changing Contexts I

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Allan J. Janssen, Leo Koffeman (Eds.)

Ecclesiological and Historical Contributions. Proceedings of the International Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 7-10 November, 2011

ISBN 978-3-643-90310-5
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Jahr 2014
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Reihe Church Polity and Ecumenism.

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Church polity as a theological discipline has become
increasingly aware of the challenge of contextuality, due to
tendencies like secularization in the global North and a
renewed awareness of inherited cultural and religious
traditions in the global South. The ecumenical movement
offers a particular framework for reflection on such

This first conference volume contains studies in the fields
of ecclesiology, church history, missiology, inter-cultural
theology and practical theology. A second volume presents a
number of case studies.

Dr Allan J. Janssen (1948) is affiliate
professor of Theological Studies at New Brunswick
Theological Seminary (USA).

Dr Leo J. Koffeman (1948) is Professor of Church Polity and
Ecumenism at the Protestant Theological University
(Amsterdam, the Netherlands).