Dynasties and Female Political Leaders in Asia

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Claudia Derichs, Mark R. Thompson (Eds.)

Gender, Power and Pedigree

ISBN 978-3-643-90320-4
Band-Nr. 16
Jahr 2013
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Reihe Politikwissenschaftliche Perspektiven

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This book is the first comprehensive academic effort to examine the phenomenon of
female political top leaders in Asia. It portrays prime ministers, presidents, and
opposition leaders, but it is not a conventional biographical volume. Rather, it
analyzes female politicians by means of case studies that are based on a common
theoretical framework. The case studies were conducted over three years of field
research, which included interviews with the female leaders themselves and members
of their inner circle. Each chapter explores similarities, but also points to the
distinctiveness of each female leader arising from political and social systems,
cultural and religious conditions and economic parameters.

Claudia Derichs is professor of Comparative Politics and International Development
Studies at the University of Marburg, Germany.

Mark R. Thompson is director of the Southeast Asian Research Centre and professor
of Politics at the City University of Hong Kong.