Democracy in Crisis

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Bert Preiss, Claudia Brunner (Eds.)

The Dynamics of Civil Protest and Civil Resistance

ISBN 978-3-643-90359-4
Band-Nr. 64
Jahr 2013
Seiten 456
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Reihe Dialog

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The Peace Report 2012 – an annual edited volume in
the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution
(ASPR) publication series “ Dialog: Beiträge zur
Friedensforschung (Dialogue: Contributions to Peace
Research)“ at LIT Verlag – addresses urgent issues
surrounding the current crisis of democracy and the
potential consequences and possibilities for civic protest
and civic resistance. This 26th edition has two novelties:
For the first time it is published in English and edited by
the ASPR in cooperation with the partner institutions of the
recently formed Conflict Peace and Democracy Cluster
(CPDC) – the Centre for Peace Research and Peace Education
at the Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt/Celovec, the
Institute of Conflict Research Vienna and the Democracy
Centre Vienna.

Bert Preiss is conflict and peace researcher
at the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict
Resolution (ASPR) and lecturer at the Institute for
Political Science, University of Vienna and at the European
Peace University (EPU) in Stadtschlaining, Austria.

Claudia Brunner is political scientist and scientific
employee at the Centre for Peace Research and Peace
Education at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria.